Astonished prog! (+ questions:)
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 From:  Michael Gibson
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> Is it possible "now" to draw a curve with automatic "hot point"
> on a surface of a curvaved volume 3D (say a "sphere3D") soon existing?

Right now it is not possible to snap a point to just any spot on a surface, you can only snap to edge curves of surfaces.

I'd like to add something for this in the future but it probably won't be very soon though.

> "Multiple copy" of "Move", "Rotation"? (sketchup model is a must)

This is coming for the next beta, there will be a "Make copies" option for rotate and scale, and you'll also be able to make copies by holding down the control key when clicking in rotate, or by doing control + drag.

For move you can actually do multiple copies right now by using the "Copy" command that is right next to move.

Thanks for giving MoI some publicity, I really appreciate it!

- Michael
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