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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jørgen, thanks very much for your order and I'm glad that you are finding MoI useful!

> I would love to see MOI being able to show and save
> rendercolors from the 3dm files.

There is some new support for this in MoI v2, you can download the current beta from here:

In MoI v2 the layer assignments in the 3DM file will be read into MoI as Styles, which will then become material assignments when exporting to OBJ or LWO formats.

> I recomend you make a Rhino plugin with just the mesher,

I wish I could do this - but unfortunately it would take a fair amount of work to make that happen and I've only got very limited resources since I am the only person working on MoI.

Because my time is so limited, it basically forces me to focus attention on one single product only: the MoI standalone program. So currently I don't have any plans for making plugins for other systems.

But you should definitely check out the other thread Micha mentioned above though, with that system you can set up a button in Rhino that will export objects, launch MoI and have it read the objects and generate a mesh, and then bring it back into Rhino. That can give you something closer to the same kind of convenience factor that a Rhino plugin would have.

Additionally, a Rhino plugin that created meshes would actually be more limited than what MoI can currently do, since Rhino's native meshes can only have triangles or quad faces and not general n-gon faces.

> WISH 2:
> I would love to have a numeric input for the meshing
> slider, so it would be possible to reinput the same values
> another time.

Actually, this is already available - if you expand the meshing options dialog by using the arrow in the lower left corner:

Then you'll have access to the numeric input fields and additional controls - the angle field is what the slider controls, you'll see it update as you move the slider.

> And it would be good to have a coarser than the lowerst setting.

You can use the numeric entry field to put in an angle value outside of the slider range.

> And a Quad only output?

Unfortunately that is a much different problem to solve than what the current mesher tries to do which is to have a more minimal polygon count.

For example to have quads only would mean that the flat top cap of an extrusion would need to be tiled into many small quads, rather than being one single n-gon as it is currently set up.

Basically, making all quads would mean trying to make polygons that radiate out from trim curves and are not necessarily aligned with the UV structure of the surface - that doesn't really match up very well with the normal structure of how processing NURBS surfaces work.

So it's not like it would be an adjustment to the current meshing process, it would require a completely different approach and a different meshing mechanism.

Maybe in the future I will be able to give it a try, but I have been becoming somewhat doubtful about the chances of making that work really well though.

- Michael

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