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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Will, yup I have some plans for adding in some other various kinds of diagnostic/analysis tools in the future.

> When you put in the object type display (solid, surface,
> curve etc.,) it gave me a much higher level of confidence
> when working on my various objects. I knew if I didn't see
> "Solid", I knew there was a hole in my object somewhere
> that would cause me problems later.

Yup, that's basically one type of "always on" diagnostic tool right there, really.

It's definitely a great habit to check that thing to see if you've got what you expected (like is it a closed curve, or a solid, or not).

> or perhaps have a tolerance that could be set that
> would avoid adding segments below a certain length
> to help avoid issues that crop up from things like this.

Unfortunately this part would be pretty difficult to handle when things are being intersected with one another.

If the proper result of the intersection would mean little bits are formed, it is hard to think about how to avoid that without doing something like leaving holes in those areas...

But yeah when you're going to hang various further steps off of an initial curve structure, nothing really beats having those initial curves being formed well.

- Michael
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