preserving layer hierarchies
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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi okapi,

> Do you think there will be a way to translate layer hierarchies
> from Rhino into Group hierarchies in Moi, or is this too
> complicated at this point in time?

I don't think it would really fit that well.... For example the layers in Rhino have things like a color assigned to the layer, but a group in MoI won't have a specific color assigned to it, they are going to be more of a generic container.

Also the way I want to make groups work in MoI, there won't be a restriction for each object to only belong to a single group, an object will be able to belong to many different groups. So that does not fit well with the limitation in Rhino layers where an object can only be assigned to be "on" just one specific layer.

It kind of seemed like styles were generally closer to layers in Rhino. Until Rhino version 4.0 there was no hierarchy in Rhino layers, that is a relatively new thing in Rhino.

- Michael
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