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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi PaQ, I think I know what you mean.

Maybe the way it could work is that if you do an Isolate (by making a selection and then right-click on Hide), then later on if you do a right-click with no selection, I can do the "Show some objects" function but populate the selection with the saved state from when you did the isolate, so that if you hit ok (or clicked again) at that point it could effectively work as an "undo isolate".

That's may be worth a try.

The other thing that I could do is that if you have done an "isolate", then later on use that right-click-with-no-selection function to just be an immediate "undo isolate" just completely instead of the "show some objects" function. That may be more simple but then you would lose the ability to do a general "show only some objects" function at any time.

- Michael
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