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Yeah, I thought of the shortcut thing too, I`ve got a couple of them that would conflict with just typing in letters.

In regards to tab-box-enter, I think that would work since your hands are already on the keyboard and would not be any slower.
Where you put the input box I have no opinion, I know you will put it where it is best for the overall UI :)
The placement will only have secondary relevance since you can just start to type after you hit the tab key.

The reason I placed the example input box in the top right corner was because the object properties panel
was already there, so it felt logical.

Keep up the good work, really like the way you think in regards to UI and the workflow.
For me it`s THE most important factor when I`m using software (as long as the basic tool are present).
If the base is stable and logical, thats better than a lot of "broken" displaced advanced features.

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