The vanishing cylinder bug trick.
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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny,

> That's what you said a few betas ago,

Yeah the big update was in the Aug 1 beta. This particular case that you have here has probably been busted since then.

> I thought an updated geometry library was a good thing ?

Well, it can be kind of a mixed bag unfortunately... Whenever there is a change made to a complex set of code (and filleting is one of the most complex areas), to fix one particular case, it is pretty easy for it to have side effects that then cause a new problem in some other case. That is what is called a "regression".

In general code that processes geometric shapes can tend to suffer from this quite a bit, partly because there is such an infinite variety of shapes that can be used it isn't very easy to do something like an automated test that catches every situation that the code may be used in.

> So when a new update arrives for the geometry library should
> we worry or be happy or be happily worried or worry happily or...... :)

Probably a good dose of each is warranted! :)

But certainly the general idea is that more things should be better than be broken. If it is not, then I can always roll back to an old version.

Maybe if this new one bakes in pretty well I may not apply any more updates of this until after v2 is complete.

Actually as far as these things go, it has been pretty good so far regarding regressions.

- Michael
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