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 From:  Brian (BWTR)
"In primary school I won a book prize at the end of the year for being the “Ink Monitor! (Still have!) All classes from 3 to seven in one room—with two teachers! (It was a 3 teacher/two classroom school!—1939—1945/8)---- for cleaning all the inkwells from the desks and refilling them before the start of school each day—with the ink in big bottles which we had, weekly, made up from the basic ingredients.

How many crossed nibs did one exchange for new ones every day? That black stain on the fingers where the pen holder was held!

And all those pages of exercises writing, blot free!, with the REAL pen and ink in” Copybook Script” style writing.

Learning by rote the up to 13 times tables!

(When using a slide rule was a "University Graduate" acomplishment)

When boys were men!— took out the pair of draught horses to plow or cultivate—later drove tractors-- on the farm at night and weekends, milked cows by hand, cut wood for the stove, 7 days a week. (AND dug holes to bury the bloody heavy toilet cans every few days!)


This is from a post I made today to a friend in the USA .

Think that, maybe, a huge proportion of the world, still, is not advanced from my level then.

And they are using computers--even so!

Knowledge is relative to time and place and experience.


BUT--what fun!
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