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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny,

re: particular angle

Actually there is something already for that in the current release - if you type in an angle in the angle constraint box down in the bottom command bar.

For example if you click there and enter "22" then when you rotate it will go in 22 degree increments from the start point of your drag.

It's also possible to enter in an angle by typing without clicking anywhere, by typing <22 - like this:

When you type the first < character, it will put focus into the x,y,z coordinate box where you would normally be able to type in the x,y,z coordinates for something like the endpoint of a line, but if you enter in a value preceded by < that is a shortcut for putting the value in the angle constraint.

So either of those methods will work currently for controlling the rotation angle.

Re: Number of copies - I think for that it would be best to stick with the Transform/Array/Polar tool which can handle that and also a lot of other possible parameters as well. It's great to be able to place a few copies with this tool but trying to make a full pattern with it will pretty quickly just replicate all the UI from that other command I think.

- Michael

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