New Aug-13 beta available

 From:  Michael Gibson
There's a new Aug-13-2006 beta available.

Changes for this beta:

Added origin snap - there is now an "origin" osnap point available at 0,0,0. This is a convenient way to grab this point for stuff like mirroring around a world axis. It can be turned off by the pop-up menu above the "Object Snap" button on the bottom bar, uncheck "Origin" there if you don't want it.

Added grid axes display. Slightly darker lines are drawn on the grid x and y axes so you can visually locate the origin of the grid. This can be turned off under Grid Options, which is available on the pop-up menu above the "Grid Snap" button on the bottom bar. There are also options for changing the colors.

Pushing the Enter key now has the same effect as pushing the "Done" button. Right-click can also be used for the same thing.

Added "Both Sides" extrude option.

Fixed 16-bit color bug - MoI previously wouldn't work properly on lower than 32-bit color.

Several small bug fixes, fix warnings on shutdown a few people ran into.

Improved logging for crash dumps. Some more information is captured for crash reports.

- Michael
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