why this?

 From:  Rudy
Hello all,
Rudy here.
Hope everything is well there.
This si the first time is happening to me with MOI...

I include a file of it.

1- when I try to boolean union the head pendant with my bail, after the operation, the bail disappear. But it acted weird many times, or no boolean union at all, or one time it did boolean union, ...any way not consistan result.

2-when I try to select with mouse my head pendant (by actually making a rectangular selection), it actually select automatically the profiles and and rail. The whole pendant does not turn yellow....(clipboard 1) If I do the same with bail, the bail is automatically selected all (it turns yellow) (clipboard 2). Why cannot select my pendant this way? Does this have something to do with the failing of boolean union?

any idea why all this, expecially point#1

Thank you,
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