Writing a script for cnc user - payed job!

 From:  grandpi (PIERREARCHI)
Hello everyone,

I need to have this type of script who could give great facilities to my cnc job.
Have a look to this thread for details in MOI Forum : " CNC contours parts from 3D models".

Aim : Object contours projection script on 0,x,y plan to prepare a ready made file for cnc cutting from MOI (to open it in Vcarve for exemple).

Some details concerning the script "Objects contours projection on 0,X,Y plane without dimensions distorsions" :

- In fact, i just need contours to be projected, not surfaces.
- Possibility to rotate/project a group of contours in the same time : interest of the script.
- Possibility to rotate/project on 0,X,Y plane(ground) contours which are not in the X,Z or Y,Z plan : all contours in 3D space !.



PS : If CNC users guys would like to make a donation to the writer with me to use this script no problem of course. Hope someone will be interested ...


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