3 questions - texture-delay-control points
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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Olga,

> 1 I would like to create some 3d texture file.
> Is it possible to wrap the 3d texture around 3d pieces
> such as jewelry ring?

There isn't any easy built-in way to do this in MoI currently. This is something that Rhino can be very useful for - Rhino v4 has a variety of these kinds of wrapping type tools. You can share your models back and forth between MoI and Rhino pretty easily since they both use the same file format, and you can also even use Copy and Paste between them.

> 2 Offset and some other commands slow down and delay
> for a few seconds when carrying the pointer thru the field and
> everywhere it finds a snap it stops waits a few second then
> and stops on another snap. How to fix it?

Generally Offset requires a fair amount of calculation so it is not unusual for it to take a second or something to finish doing its calculation before you will see a result.

That's just a normal thing with operations that require a lot of calculations.

If you have a slower computer, one way to speed it up would be up would be to upgrade your computer hardware to a faster machine.

Also, unchecking the "Trim" option may help to speed it up.

If it is snapping at points where you don't want, you can turn off object snap by clicking the "Object Snap" button in the bottom toolbar so it isn't orange - that will prevent the snapping from happening. Also you can hold down Alt while you are moving the mouse Alt will turn off snapping temporarily while it is down.

> 3 When a curve is copied or offset the new curve create
> a lot many more control points than on the original one. Do
> I need to erase extra points by hand or there is a way to
> reduce the number of points automatically?

There is not currently a way to automatically reduce the number of points. For now you will need to either erase them by hand, or probably a better way is if you want a simple control point structure, draw a new curve using the offset one as a guide to snap on to.

I do plan on adding in a "Rebuild" command for v2 that will handle this.

> 4. Shorcuts do not remain in the memory of the program
> except a few. How to make them to remain?

Hmmm, I'm not sure about that one - normally shortcuts are saved automatically to the moi.ini file when you exit the program.

The moi.ini file is by default located here:
C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Application Data\Moi\moi.ini
(on Windows XP, Vista is slightly different)

Maybe something has happened to mess up your moi.ini file, can you please send it to me through e-mail at moi@moi3d.com so I can take a look at it and see if there is a problem?

- Michael
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