seminar anyone

 From:  smitty (SMITAY)
to generate a little excitment would anyone be interested in a 2 or 3 day get together workshop /seminar I could possibly put one together in the chicago land area maybe open it to other forums (ken's, matrix,, proto wizard, 3d waxmill,moi and others) a cookout? invite some vendors to demonstrate, offer their products it can happen if there is enough interest

we could also have a boxing match for those of use who just can't get along!
let me know if there is any interest.... would you attend/support/demonstrate/hold a workshop/be a vendor we could try and get some guys from the other forums to particpate/demonstrate could be alot of fun
forum leaders contact me to make it a reality at or private email me

EDITED: 28 Jun 2008 by SMITAY

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