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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Hbasm,

> I'm a bit confused about the relationship between curve-points
> and surface-points (why do we need both?) but I'll experiment
> a little and see where it leads me.

Well, I mean basically surfaces and curves both have 3D points in them as part of their structure... So it is possible to edit this part of the structure of these objects.

MoI's toolset is more focused on curve editing for now though, for example it has a way to insert or delete points from curves but not surfaces. But you can turn on the points for surfaces and move them around.

If you have drawn profile curves to create a surface by something like Network, it can be more manageable to use the History update mechanism which allows you to edit your curves (including adding or removing points) and then has the surface automatically recalculated using that command again. That lets you control the result by just those profile curves that you picked for running the command, that is usually a smaller amount of things to manage than the full set of points on the resulting surface.

For certain kinds of models it can work well to modify surface points instead, and it is possible to create a surface like a sphere directly and then turn points and modify them without ever using a profile curve at all. For instance lyes used that for creating this gas tank shape here:

So that can come in handy for certain kinds of things, but generally it is not a focus for MoI's toolset right now though.

- Michael
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