Changing XYZ (UCS) Plane
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Hi Keebo,

You might also consider using other tools besides lofting to gain greater control over an organic shape without the need of movable construction planes. When you see my example you'll see I didn't use a lot of planning or forethought, but I took a couple of your closed curves and added some squiggly side curves, doing a network surface to get a fairly natural looking organic shape. Then having read that you wanted to extend a structure that flows into a blossom, I added another section of curves using a circle with edited control points as a profile. I used blended curves to create a connection to the main body, using a network to make the stem, but having spent only 5 minutes or so messing around with this model, it's not a good transition. Getting a bit impatient, I finished it up by doing a two rail sweep towards the top. Maybe it would of been better to do it as a continuous network surface...but it any event, writing this explanation took longer than to make the model..:-) I just wanted to present some other construction methods. Hope it helps.


edit: The cool thing about MoI is that with "history" on the construction tools, you can move the control points of any curve after the surface is generated to easily change surface shapes.

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