texture coordinates -> mapping and rendering in Viz 2007
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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Tosh, I'm glad you like MoI!

> After doing some 3d objects, i saved them as iges and imported them into
> autodesk viz 2007. The model is fine, but i had some problem with the texture
> coordinates. Maybe it was too late...

I'm not really familiar with Viz 2007. Somewhere there should be a setting for it to use the UV coordinates of a NURBS surface for texture mapping coordinates - that's probably the setting that you want.

The iges file format does not have anything special in it to represent texture coordinates, but NURBS surfaces have UV coordinates built into them as a part of how the surfaces work, so usually there is a way to use this for texture mapping as well.

> Does moi3d generate mapping coordinates? Is it posibble to check them within moi3d?

For NURBS surfaces (which you get through IGES transfer), the mapping is just built in to the definition of the surface... So in that sense they are generated. When saving to the polygon .obj format, MoI does generate texture mapping UV coordinates for the polygons.

> Any suggestion is welcome.

Somewhere there must be an option like "use built-in uv coordinates" or something like that...

Sorry I can't really help you - this is really a question about how things work in Viz, you would probably have better luck asking in a Viz-specific forum...

- Michael
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