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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi knightxor -

> Because now it seems you need to know some kind of SDK

This is certainly true for doing a script macro that does something custom. By custom I mean something that is not exactly the same as one of the already existing commands.

But setting up a keyboard shortcut just to trigger a regular command is not as "SDK"-ish, like if you want to set up the key E as a way to trigger the extrude command, you enter "E" under the key, and "Extrude" under the command...

I made sure to include a list of all the command names under the documentation for shortcut keys, check it out here: - it's the section at the very end.

Certainly the editor is very basic, I just couldn't really justify spending a whole lot of time refining that area right now since it isn't something that you need to use on a very frequent basis, it tends to be something that you set up once and then you're done. It's sorted alphabetically so that should make it not too difficult to check if you have defined something already.

Your shortcuts are already automatically saved to the moi.ini file.

In the future at some point I would like to make this area better, but it is kind of a tricky thing - every week of work that I put in to the shortcut key editor means a week of work that is not going into modeling enhancements... Sometimes I have to make tough choices about spending more of my development time on areas that are more frequently used.

Thanks for your feedback!

- Michael
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