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Full Version: 4K UHD 15.6" display

From: Mik (MIKULAS)
7 Jul 2020   [#1]
Hi Michael,

Is it possible to change pixel size for graphic items marked by red arrows in attached print screen?

I've found associated rows for Edit frame pixel size and opacity in moi.ini file, but I'm not sure if such possibility is available for mentioned items.

The same "issue" I observed when I draw a point. Point size in pixels is too small for 4K UHD display.

Probably moi.css file would be the right one for such changes, but it will be much appreciated to place here in forum some procedure for optimizing UI for everyone with 4K UHD displays.

It would be great (not necessary) to have similar slider as for UI in Options/General menu.

Thank you.


P.S. The change the Windows system compatibility settings for high resolution displays in moi.exe file isn't the right way :-) MoI looks great in UHD display, only mentioned graphic items are too small.

Image Attachments:
4k Display pixel size.jpg 

From: Michael Gibson
7 Jul 2020   [#2] In reply to [#1]
Hi Mik, so the things that are too small are some of the remaining things that are drawn from source bitmap images and their on-screen size is taken just as the size of the bitmap image. I'll be making a pass through to convert these sometime after v4 is wrapped up. For now a quick fix is to replace the source images with scaled up versions which I have attached here, these are doubled in size. Put these attached images in place of the original ones which are in the /ui sub-folder inside MoI's main installation folder.

If you want to scale them to some other size than double, the images to convert are:

Please let me know if you see any other things that are too small.

Thanks, - Michael

Edit: Removed PointLabel.png since it was not needed.

Image Attachments:
ActivePoint.png  OsnapMarker.png  Point.png  Point_selected.png  Point_transitionfromselected.png  Point_transitiontoselected.png  Point_warning.png 

From: Michael Gibson
7 Jul 2020   [#3] In reply to [#1]
One other thing I see in your screenshot is the axis tripod in the lower left corner of the viewport has shorter lines than it's intended to. You can fix that one in moi.ini by doubling the setting for:

I'll need to convert that and the edit frame to be sized by a factor of the UI font size (instead of screen pixel size) so they scale up and down with the regular UI size setting under Options > General > UI size, but I'm not going to be able to get that done for v4 though.

- Michael
From: Mik (MIKULAS)
8 Jul 2020   [#4] In reply to [#3]
Hi Michael,

thank you for your quick advise.

Everything is visible perfectly now, only new PointLabel.png doesn't work correctly, but nevermind because original file works without problem, therefore I've rewritten it back, please see attachments.
Regarding size of AxisIcon I let it in original size, I changed only color for better orientation.


Image Attachments:
4k Display pixel size_corrected.jpg  4k Display pixel size_Point Lable Issue.jpg  4k Display pixel size_TunedAxisIconColor.jpg 

From: bemfarmer
7 Sep   [#5]
Hi Michael,

Is it possible to make the edit frame more visible, and/or with larger icons, for UHD monitor?

For Windows 11 display setting, I am at recommended 150% scale, and at recommended display resolution of 3840 X 2160.

- Brian
From: Michael Gibson
7 Sep   [#6] In reply to [#5]
Hi Brian,

> Is it possible to make the edit frame more visible, and/or with larger icons, for UHD monitor?

Yes, you can do it by modifying these PNG bitmap image files, resize them to be larger in an image processing program:


You can find those in the UI folder in the MoI install and you can replace them there or also if you make a UI theme you can put the resized ones in the theme folder and they will get loaded from there.

- Michael
From: bemfarmer
7 Sep   [#7] In reply to [#6]
Thank you Michael,

I'll work on it later tonight/tomorrow...

- Brian
From: bemfarmer
7 Sep   [#8] In reply to [#6]
This simple operation had a steep learning curve :-)

(This is a rough draft.)

How to enlarge certain MoI PNG image files, which have a transparent background, to improve visibility for 4K monitors. (Mine is 28 inches +/-)
Applies to MoI5 beta, and MoI4.
Used on 6 MoI PNG files for Edit Frame located in MoI ui folder. (Or Themes folder for MoI5 beta?), namely:
GripFrameCorner, GripFrameCorner_highlighted,
GripRotation, GripRotation_highlighted,
FrameOrigin, FrameOrigin_highlighted.

This method uses online program PixlrE, which is at

1. Copy the 6 default PNG files to a working directory, such as Libraries > Documents > savedPNG. The pixlrE program is fussy about which directories it will save modified PNG files to.

2. Rename the 6 PNG files in the .ui folder to *BAK.PNG. (e.g.)

3. Go to the website and select pixlrE program.

4. Load one of the 6 PNG files into pixlrE.

5. In the menu, pick Select > pixels. This will highlight the non-transparent pixels.

6. In the menu, pick Edit > Free Transform. This causes a cage with blue squares to appear. For the 2 GripFrameCorner PNG's, Drag the upper right square to maximize the non-transparent pixels, in the existing PNG. For the centered "icons" adjust all of the boxes to (slightly) enlarge. The centered icons only have a limited space to be enlarged.
Apply the Transform.

7. Select File Save, as PNG, and save to Libraries > Documents.

8. Repeat for the other 5 PNG files.

9. Copy the 6 new PNG files to the MoI5beta .ui file.
(Or Themes?) (Or else to MoI4 .ui file. (Assumes PNG's are the same as for MoI5beta.)

- Brian

The 6 PNG images on MoI screen are still small, but are a bit larger, and more legible, IMHO.

Do NOT increase the 64 X 64 PNG pixel size.

The 6 resulting PNG's, which are slightly larger, attached.
(Subject to approval or disapproval of Michael.)


From: Michael Gibson
8 Sep   [#9] In reply to [#8]
Hi Brian, they seem fine are they more visible on your screen now?

- Michael
From: bemfarmer
8 Sep   [#10] In reply to [#9]
Yes Michael, they are more legible on my large screen. The size increase is not a lot, but it makes a big difference for my legibility.

- Brian

I copied them over to MoI4 .ui as well, same positive result.
From: bemfarmer
8 Sep   [#11] In reply to [#10]
I also copied the 6 files over to MoI3, ui file after renaming default names to *BAK.png.
Legibility with MoI3 is improved for my 4k monitor.

The images are still 64 X 64 pixels. Less pixels are transparent.

An earlier quick attempt to just quadruple the pixels to 128 X 128, without enlarging the non-transparent pixel image, did not seem to change size or legibility.
Memory use goes up. No plans at present to make any further attempts at much larger edit frame controls.

The MoI5 beta, improved legibility for 28", "4k" monitor, applies to both Dark and Default color themes.
(Did not try putting the modifications in either Theme folder. I see that I have a Theme folder in AppData, and also in MoI4beta ui file.)

- Brian
From: bemfarmer
8 Sep   [#12] In reply to [#11]
Note: Remarks apply to 4K monitor.

For example, GripRotation.png:
If all versions of the associated former PNG in the ui folder for MoI5beta, are renamed *.BAK the control does not show up in the Edit Frame.
(Absent copies in either of the two theme folders.)

For MoI5beta:
A revised PNG for an element of the Edit Frame can be placed in AppData > "MyCurrentThemeFolder".
Or else in MoI5beta folder > ui > Theme folder for original MoI themes Default, Dark, and also the green one.

If a new instance of MoI5beta is then opened, under a different Theme, with a different version of GripRotation,
the two versions of GripRotation.png may be visually compared, side by side.

For example, if original GripFrame.png is placed in MoI5beta > ui > Dark,
it overrides the modified PNG version in MoI5beta > ui. (Stated as fact, unless I am mistaken.)
(Note, my custom MoI5beta themes are in the AppData themes folder.)

Legibility of the GripFrame's is obviously better. (4K monitor)
Legibility of the GripRotation's is better, but just a little, as the size increase for the non-transparent pixels was slight.

- Brian

I tried a 128 X 128 pixel PNG, with enlarged GripRotation, but it did not seem to be better than modified 64 X 64 pixel version. ???
I'm not sure how the mapping works. ??? Larger transparent pixel map. A larger invisible object looks the same as a smaller invisible object :-) ???