Full Version: CAD to Polygone conversion.

From: Michael Gibson [#4]
 10 Nov 2017

Hi Berube, well the best way kind of depends on what you're going to be doing with them. If your downstream tool supports n-gons then it can be nice to use that since it will make a cleaner wireframe that more closely resembles the structure of the original CAD data. The main thing is to make sure when you open the .obj file in your rendering application that you're getting vertex normals coming through. When MoI writes the .obj file it also writes vertex normals to be used for smooth shading and those normals come from the original CAD data so it makes for high quality shading.

There isn't any way to get an all quads version directly out of MoI currently. You could use a retopology tool to do that but it's more likely to warp the model and mess it up than do anything useful. There just really isn't any point to having all quads on a CAD model since it won't have subdivision smoothing being applied to it.

One other tip is if there are areas of shallow curvature in the model it can be good to expand to the detailed options and put in a distance value in the "Divide larger than" field to ensure polygons larger than that length are further subdivided.

- Michael


From: Robert (MAESTROROBERTUS) [#5]
 17 Nov 2017

I have tested a quad mesh of another product and I'm not really excited of that idea at all. To be fair so, a polygon size limit could be useful. Some application have problems with polygons larger then 100 vertex, which can happen in some cases. I haven't found a tool where I can set max poly edge count, but in Modo you can select all polygons with more then 4 vertex and make them quad or tries with a single click. Can be useful.
Ideal max size of polygons so, would be between 5 and 64. So this could be really useful.


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