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From: Michael Gibson [#4]
 4 Nov

Hi Cemortan, you've asked so many questions and have the discussion so mixed up there, it's pretty difficult for me to follow along on everything. I'll try to answer the questions that I understand the best and if you need more information on something I've missed then go ahead and ask for more information on that again.

So for creating a surface in this spot here:

It is awkward to attempt to build a completely new surface through a non-planar closed curve like that, unlike a plane there isn't just one single surface shape that would happen to fit to that edge. So you don't want to try and do that at all, you've already got the surface you need so you want to use that.

The way you use what you've already got is to use the Edit > Trim command to cut your main surface with the projected circles. In the final stage of the trim command where it asks you which pieces to discard, just right-click or push Done without selecting anything, that will leave all the pieces behind. Now you have 3 small pieces and you can extrude those surfaces instead of extruding the curve. The Extrude command also accepts a surface as the object to extrude, it doesn't have to take only curves. When you extrude a surface, it will be able to be capped even if its non-planar because the cap is just a copy of the original surface, it doesn't have to make up a completely new surface there. When you extrude only curves a completely new surface needs to be created for the cap and that will only happen if it's planar.

When you extrude a surface, the result will be a solid and if you want to join it back to the main surface you'll need to delete its bottom face so there are unattached edges which can be joined back to the original. Or another way which may be easier might be to join the fragments together so you have a solid again but with divided up faces and then select the face sub-object and extrude that. When you extrude a face from a solid the extrusion is automatically booleaned to the solid so it cleans up the internal face for you that way.

> *** aling surface same as on link but in orto views(top/left/right)
> snap on surface on orto views

Ok, I think I understand now, you don't like it that the "on surface" snap is not enabled by default in ortho views. The reason for this is that the "on surface" snap can easily cover the entire ortho screen with snap areas making it harder to place points directly on the cplane anymore. So by default ortho views only snap to more prominent snaps like end, mid, etc... this puts more weight to 2D behavior when you're drawing in the ortho view. Additionally when you are drawing a curve in an ortho view, any snaps you do after the first one will be projected onto a plane going through the first point so you will get a 2D result when drawing in the 2D view even if you have snapped on to points at different levels. When you're picking points in the 3D view all these restrictions are lifted and you can place points freely, like if you snap to opposite corners of a box in the 3D view it will give you a diagonal line in 3D while if you do it in an ortho view it will be a flat line.

Hope that helps explain the reasons for this behavior. You can adjust it if you want, forcing the projection of snaps after the first one to the same plane is controlled by Options > Object snap options > "Project to plane in ortho views", and enabling OnSrf snap in ortho views is set in moi.ini, see here: http://moi3d.com/forum/index.php?webtag=MOI&msg=2267.2

But you should be aware that messing with these settings can make it more difficult to get predictable 2D drawing behavior when working in the ortho views.

> *** dublicate object at same location ! i'm doing it from hotkey that will be (copy, paste)
> afterwards it asking for for targeting point - that i want to avoid ! lets say that i wanna make
> a dublicate just for rotation or just for scale - no need to ask me orientation to make a move
> tool after ! or if it's an option to make just 1 dublicate of object

The regular copy and paste commands do not ask you for any targeting point, they just immediately duplicate the object like you want, with the duplicate selected.

There are some additional copy and paste commands that do ask you for targeting information, you'll need to set these up on different shortcut keys and if you don't want the targeting one use the regular one and if you do want it use the other one.

> *** example: i have a toy factory that can produce 3 toys ! cats, dogs and rabbits ! I need to model
> 3 models ! i'm boxing or sketching outlines of all 3 ! wanna work just on dog, overlap cat and rabit with
> hide & start working on dog ! wanna do close detail on tail - isolate selection just for tail, unhide all, to see
> entire model how it looks, other detail - isolate just a part , do all the magic, unhide all ! to see all 3 togher toogle overlapping

You would want to use the Scene Browser to do that kind of hiding and showing: http://moi3d.com/3.0/docs/moi_command_reference11.htm#scenebrowser

You would assign a different name or style to each of the cat, dog, and rabbit and then in the scene browse if you want to show only the objects named Cat you can do that with one single right click on the eye icon for that name or style. When you right-click in the scene browser it does isolate, when you left click it toggles just that one thing.

Then later on if you want to show everything you can right-click on that eye icon again or you can also use the regular Edit > Hide command to show all objects as well.

If you want to temporarily work on just one object and hide everything else but don't want to worry about setting up a name or style assignment for it, that's when you can use the Isolate function on the Edit > Hide button instead of the scene browser.

re: toggle UV direction shortcut - I tried this but it looks like it's not possible right now because the state changing code currently only engages when it's picked with the mouse. That's something that I'll have to tune up in v4.

That's all the time I have at the moment to answer questions, if you have more maybe you can prioritize your top 4 and post just those since it is difficult for me to handle such a long list all at once.

- Michael

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From: r2d3 [#5]
 4 Nov

Hi Cemortan_Tudor,

if you ask SO MANY QUESTIONS which are very difficult to understand and to answer Michael will have NO MORE TIME TO FINISH V4.
The most questions will find a answer if you study the forum and if you play around yourself with fantastic MOI!
Only my 3 cent... ;-)



From: Cemortan_Tudor [#6]
 12 Nov

Small improvement workflow, deselects obects after point pressing hotkey
showpoints script

#include "GetObjects.js"

function DoShowPoints()
var AnyChange = moi.geometryDatabase.showPoints();

if ( !AnyChange )
moi.ui.showUI( 'ShowPointsBody' );

var objectpicker = moi.ui.createObjectPicker();
if ( !GetObjects( objectpicker ) )




From: Cemortan_Tudor [#7]
 13 Nov

16.? 3 edges to close surface
*** the way i'm doing know is selecting 2 -> loft, others 2 - network, and last one network ! lots of operations !

there was a video of car modeling, where he was trying to refine corners of modified fillet area (fillet intersection)
i will script it

31.? are any options for sliders/buttons on 3d viewport
initialisation menu for selection option, in moi can be applied as for creating objects, or bringing stuff from obj library - well script depended


From: Michael Gibson [#8]
 13 Nov

Hi Cemortan,

> there was a video of car modeling, where he was trying to refine corners of
> modified fillet area (fillet intersection)
> i will script it

If you could post a 3DM file with what you're trying to do that would probably help me understand your question better.

> 31.? are any options for sliders/buttons on 3d viewport
> initialisation menu for selection option, in moi can be applied as for creating objects,
> or bringing stuff from obj library - well script depended

There isn't any option currently for a pie type menu. In general I've tried to avoid popping things right up in your face like that but it is somethng that I'd like to experiment with in the future.

- Michael


From: Cemortan_Tudor [#9]
 16 Nov

thanks for your time
here's video, i wanna try myself, i have large list of implementation that i wanna do :) starting teaching scripting.

clone selected objects

#include "GetObjects.js"
function cloneObj() {

var gd = moi.geometryDatabase;
var gds = gd.getSelectedObjects();
for ( var i = 0; i < gds.length; ++i ){
var newclone = gds.item(i).clone();
newclone.selected = true;


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