Full Version: XNurbs releases the most powerful and easiest-to-use NURBS software (Closed)

From: futagoza (STEFAN) [#9]
 3 Nov 2017


From: OSTexo [#10]
 3 Nov 2017


Kevin, it's just good business to respect anothers house. Michael Gibson has always struck me as very accommodating when it comes to his product and forum, is there a good reason to take advantage of his reasonable nature?

On a side note I think MoI has you beat in the ease of use department.

From: chippwalters [#11]
 3 Nov 2017


It's not about "being so hard." It's about traditional forum etiquette.

Most off-topic posts are provided in the context of someone (Frenchy, for instance) taking his time to communicate to us something which he thinks may be of interest to the community as a whole. In that spirit, nothing is being advertised or offered as a business opportunity. What the OP did is using this forum to try and harvest potential customers to spend their money on a possible competitor to MoI.

You are incorrect in conflating the two.

This is a private forum, and of course Michael has the final say. Stuff like this gets snuffed pretty fast in other communities I belong and have belonged to in the past.

From: Karsten (KMRQUS) [#12]
 3 Nov 2017

Hello Chipp,

I don't want to divide the forum. And I agree with you, about the traditional forum etiquette. But different opinions are the salt in the soup. I didn't want to criticize someone here and I appreciate contributions that are not in my focus, also. So let us look forward.

So rest in peace "XNurbs releases the most powerful and easiest-to-use NURBS software of the universe for thousands of Dollars - thread"

From: John (OKEN) [#13]
 3 Nov 2017

Hi everyone,

I follow every threads and use Mo3D everyday but even if we are an open community to to be curious enough about what is released concerning nurbs, we are experienced enough to be tuned with this sort of news XNurbs !!!!..... but somewhere else ;)

We contribute here because we are in love with this software and to help a smart dev (Michael GIBSON) who's is amazing, and yes by buying his software.

Even if i'm an open minded i can't really understand this sort of advertising that is so stupid with no respect.

Long life to Moi3D and proud to use it.

From: Michael Gibson [#14]
 3 Nov 2017

Thanks everyone - there's a bit of a language barrier problem going on here I think.

@Kevin - basically the reason why some are upset is kind of from the overall tone of the title. MoI itself is NURBS software and a major focus of MoI is that it's easy to use. So in the title when you write that XNurbs is _the_ easiest to use, it kind of implies that people using MoI should abandon MoI and use XNurbs instead.

So the way you've happened to phrase your title and post here make it sound like you're trying to promote a competing product here in the main MoI forum, and usually that's not done.

To fit within the etiquette that most people would be expecting here, you'd probably need to tone down the title to start with, and you'd probably want to incorporate something in your message about why a MoI user would benefit from XNurbs since this is specifically the MoI forum and not a general product announcement forum.

But I think I'll go ahead and lock this thread since there's probably not much to be gained by further discussion.

- Michael

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