Full Version: XNurbs releases the most powerful and easiest-to-use NURBS software (Closed)

From: Michael Gibson [#14]
 3 Nov 2017

Thanks everyone - there's a bit of a language barrier problem going on here I think.

@Kevin - basically the reason why some are upset is kind of from the overall tone of the title. MoI itself is NURBS software and a major focus of MoI is that it's easy to use. So in the title when you write that XNurbs is _the_ easiest to use, it kind of implies that people using MoI should abandon MoI and use XNurbs instead.

So the way you've happened to phrase your title and post here make it sound like you're trying to promote a competing product here in the main MoI forum, and usually that's not done.

To fit within the etiquette that most people would be expecting here, you'd probably need to tone down the title to start with, and you'd probably want to incorporate something in your message about why a MoI user would benefit from XNurbs since this is specifically the MoI forum and not a general product announcement forum.

But I think I'll go ahead and lock this thread since there's probably not much to be gained by further discussion.

- Michael

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