Full Version: Can't install MoI becouse of anti virus scanner

From: PaQ [#2]
 31 Oct 2017


If I remember right, the expiration mechanism from the 30 days trial might be seen as a threat by your antivirus. So you should temporary disable NOD32, or add an exception for Moi trial, there is nothing wrong with it.

Beside there is an alternate trial version (no expiration but save disabled), that should run fine.


From: Michael Gibson [#3]
 31 Oct 2017

Hi Muha, yes the 30-day trial is wrapped by a protection layer called WinLicense which makes it more difficult to trace through and crack. Unfortunately ESET has a problem where it decides that any program wrapped by WinLicense will be flagged as a virus. I'm not sure why they do that, you would need to find out from them.

So anyway, it's a problem specific to the ESET anti-virus program. You would need to temporarily disable ESET in order to install the MoI 30-day trial, or another possibility is you can use the other "no save" trial version since that one is not wrapped by WinLicense. The full purchased version is also not wrapped by WinLicense either. If you also need further peace of mind that MoI doesn't actually have a virus in it, you can upload it to https://www.virustotal.com which is a web service that will run something like 40 different virus checkers on the file.

- Michael


From: Muha (TOROMAN) [#4]
 7 Nov 2017

thank your for your answers and sorry for my late response, I have been a bit busy.
I will check out the other trial.



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