Full Version: How to go from Modo to Moi and back while maintaining scale and position?

From: ratman (WORLS980) [#3]
 28 Oct 2017

Thanks a lot Michael for all of the information. Now everything is importing and exporting how I want. -- I love the way moi converts nurbs to polygons, and I use this process a lot. But I also thought it might be useful to be able to go back and forth from the two programs for a few reasons. For one, I might be blocking out a design in polygons, but want to create some pieces with nurbs modeling. I could send blockout polygon geometry from modo to moi just as a placeholder so I can continue developing parts of the design in the context of the whole. Even if I didn't use the polygons directly it could be useful for this. Also, I thought you could send a sub-d mesh over to moi and the nurbs tools will work on it with the _Subdiv script. I havn't tried anything complicated yet, but it might be useful to do some finishing work, with booleans for example, on a sub-d mesh. Maybe it won't work well, I don't know. I still want to try though. Thanks again for helping me out. --worls980


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