Full Version: A possible script for finding "holes" of a planar closed curve

From: Michael Gibson [#4]
 24 Oct 2017

Hi Marco, yeah you're right, it turns out for a case with some of the curves intersecting each other like you've got there it won't make nested holes. So for that method to work you'd need to detect curves that intersect with your outer boundary and remove those from what you give to PlanarSrf. With the intersected curves removed you could probably use PlanarSrf to detect whether a curve is either inside or outside the outline though, if your other method doesn't work out.

- Michael


From: mkdm [#5]
 24 Oct 2017

Hi Michael.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

All in all is almost like the method I thought :)

Ok. I'm going to code a bunch of JS code for a first rough version of the script.

I think that it could be very useful for many use cases.

We'll catch up.


Marco (mkdm)


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