Full Version: Performance under Wine

From: Max Smirnov (SMIRNOV) [#11]
 20 Oct 2017

Hi Daniii,

about year ago I tried to use MoI with Linux. Unfortunately I could not make it work with an original Nvidia driver. MoI works perfectly with Nouveau driver, but this driver doesn't support CUDA, so you can't use GPU renders with it.
In my opinion the quality of Nvidia drivers for Linux and Mac OS is very low.


From: daniii (DANILIESCUDSG) [#12]
 23 Oct 2017

Hello Max,
Thank you for the tip, but when i try to switch to Nouveau i get a black screen on boot. I need to boot with nomodeset, and install the proprietary driver. I also do a lot of rendering in Blender using the GPU. For now I will use V3 for creating small parts of the projects and bring them all together in something else like VariCAD and Blender. Maybe I'll have better luck with the V4 beta.


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