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From: Frenchy Pilou (PILOU) [#14]
 17 Oct 2017

Very creative!


From: mkdm [#15]
 17 Oct 2017

Hi Pilou.

Thanks a lot for appreciation!

New tutorials soon :)

Have a nice day.


From: ed (EDDYF) [#16]
 17 Oct 2017

Great tutorials Marco!

And thanks for getting me started on Affinity Photo. After using the trial for a week, I purchased it and have used it for two weeks. My typical workflows for photo retouching have been greatly reduced and simplified. No more Photoshop for me! Affinity kept enough of the basic PS UI so I didn't feel I was learning a new program. But the way they simplified operations makes it fun to use, much in the same way MoI is fun to use. Affinity feels like it was designed by people who actually use and enjoy the program. PS now feels clunky, over complicated, and out-dated.

I'll try Affinity Designer when they get around to adding Offset Contours, a must have for my workflow. Then we'll see if Affinity can tear me away from Corel Draw :)

Ed Ferguson


From: Frenchy Pilou (PILOU) [#17]
 17 Oct 2017

Gravit Designer for free 2D Drawing for replace Illustrator! ;)


From: futagoza (STEFAN) [#18]
 17 Oct 2017

You mean to replace Affinity Designer... :-)




From: mkdm [#19]
 17 Oct 2017

Hello Ed!

Thank you very much for your kind words! Much appreciated.

As I said in some of my previous posts, I'm not a professional artist, and computer art isn't my main job,
but I'm a great enthusiast of anything related to CG for may years now, both 2D and 3D,
and for what I've experienced so far I can say that very rarely I've seen a software with all the characteristics of the Affinity suite.

Affinity Designer and Photo are cheap, fun, easy, well designed, with good performance and with modern UI.

For my daily job I often use them coupled with Moi, to design mockup and UI for Android Apps and the results are always very good.

With that said it's also true that Affinity suite is still young and must grow in many aspects.

For example "Symbols" in Designer are not yet bug free, or performances are good but not comparable with PS,
or it lacks Tracing capabilities, or for example Affinity Photo has not so good painting capabilities, and other aspects.

But I've seen here and there on YouTube and web in general, many artists that are getting great results with the Affinity suite.

For example, I don't know if you already knows it, but here you can find state of the art tutorials for Affinity Photo :

Anyway, I will continue to explore the possibilities offered by the "great duo" Affinity Designer + Moi,
because in the last decade I haven't seen no other software under 60 USD capable to be so close, so close....to the unparalleled Moi,
both regarding workflow and easy to use (and fun).



From: mkdm [#20]
 17 Oct 2017

Hi Pilou.

Thanks for the tip!.

I've tested gravity designer for fun some weeks ago and I can say that it's a very useful and well designed web software.

And it's free.

But for my job I've experienced that it can't really fight against Affinity Designer.

And I think that Illustrator, although it is outdated and very expensive, is still undoubtedly many miles away, in many technical respects.

Ciao :)


From: mkdm [#21]
 17 Oct 2017

Hi everyone!

Let's go with the fourth tutorial : LETTERING ON STEROIDS!

In this tutorial we will see how to "enrich" a letter using both Moi and Designer,
and how to use Designer's "Symbols" to manage instances.

As usual this is only a very simple example. The possibilities are endless!

For this tutorial I've used only standard Moi commands.

This is the video : http://take.ms/VEV5G

See you for next tutorial!



From: Metin Seven (METINSEVEN) [#22]
 18 Oct 2017

I like all this.

I've swapped the Adobe subscription bloatware for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo years ago, when Affinity was first released for MacOS. Affinity's workflow is much more streamlined than the ancient Adobe editors.

I'm curious if the imminent Pixelmator Pro will become a serious Affinity competitor:



From: mkdm [#23]
 18 Oct 2017

Hello Metin.

@You : "...I like all this..."

Thank a lot for your appreciation!

Unfortunately I don't have an iPad Pro 2 but for what I've seen here and there on YouTube it seems that Pixelmator Pro will be a serious competitor
of Affinity Photo for iPad.

Pixelmator pro seem to have many of the the characteristics of both Photo and Designer boundled in one single package and
for sure it will be a great competitor of Affinity.

Although also Designer and Photo have a high degree of compatibility between them and also in Photo you can manage a subset of vector capabilities of Designer and vice versa, and Photo for iPad Pro 2 it's absolutely stunning.

Unfortunately Pixelmator runs only on iOS/Mac while Affinity runs on both systems.

Anyway, finally now we can have a bunch of serious competitors of Adobe under 60 USD!

I think that if you are a freelance or a one person company these products are perfect.

Adobe software are still much powerful and are integrated into a big software eco-system but its price worth only if you are a medium/big company.

Ciao and...stay tuned for new funny tutorials :)


From: Frenchy Pilou (PILOU) [#24]
 18 Oct 2017

ProCreate for Ipad? (just 10 € 99 :) https://procreate.art
Damned I have not an Ipad! :D


From: mkdm [#25]
 18 Oct 2017

Hi Pilou.

You're right!! I completely forgot the amazing ProCreate !!

For a pure painting experience there's nothing around that can beat it on a mobile device. Nothing!

And for what I've seen so far here and there it also beats many "desktop" apps.

I've seen many video of talented artists that are getting amazing results with it on iPad Pro 2 (12.9 inch).

Although it can't be compared to Affinity suite or PixelMator because it's totally focused "only" on painting.

Unfortunately I have no iPad Pro 2 12.9 and...I'm not a talented artist :)


Marco (mkdm)


From: mkdm [#26]
 18 Oct 2017

Hi everyone!

I had some fun in my last break and I want to share it with you.

It's not a true tutorial, only a show-case, but I hope later to make a tutorial about the most interesting parts of this little work.
(Designer + Moi)

So...here's VAN GOGH TIME !

This is a short show-case video : http://take.ms/GzElQ



From: futagoza (STEFAN) [#27]
 18 Oct 2017

Hi Marco,

nice workflow and nice tut's! Here i like to show one addition Mac users may look into
when using MoI and Affinity Designer. In my litte test i created the word Moi in MoI
and then brought it into Art Text 3 to do 3D manipulations, like you can do in Illustrator
or like in Photoshop the well known channel calculations.

The green text can be extruded und beveled and rotated like in MoI and the blue text
are enhancements like ChOps in Photoshop.

With Art Text 3 one can also use it's own MoI 2D graphics and not only fonts.

In order to get MoI pdf output into Art Text 3 i converted the pdf to pdf 1.2 format
with Ghostscript in Terminal. :-)


Best regards

Image Attachments:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-18 um 18.57.39.png 


From: mkdm [#28]
 18 Oct 2017

Hi Stefan!

@You : "...nice workflow and nice tut's!..."

Thanks a lot! You're welcome :)

@You : "... Here i like to show one addition Mac users..."

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!

This is the 2nd reason for which I created this thread : sharing personal 2D workflows involving Moi and Affinitiy (Designer and Photo)

The 1st reason is...fun! I like this kind of stuff!

You talked about Art Text 3....yes, I already knew it and some months ago I played with it on a iPad of a friend of mine.
Very nice software that unfortunately doesn't exist for Windows machines.

But...even if here I wish to talk mainly about Moi and Affinity Designer, I want to thank you because you made me remember also
the "daddy" of Affinity Designer, that is Serif DrawPlus!!!

And I still own one license of its latest X8 version that I use sporadically on my laptop.

There you can use a tool called "Instant 3d", a sort of very limited version of "Art Text".

Furthermore, although Affinity Designer is very powerful and with an excellent UI, DrawPlus X8 has some very interesting features that in Affinity are still missing.
For example Tracing bitmap images and other little but very useful stuff.

If you want check these resources :


At the end of this message I want to ask you a simple thing that I didn't understand reading your message.
Just out of curiosity...

I see in your picture that you have pasted into Designer the results of Art text elaboration (I suppose).
But...did you make some elaboration also in Designer ?

Thanks in advance.

I hope soon to publish some new "quick and dirt" tutorial for Moi and Designer.



From: futagoza (STEFAN) [#29]
 18 Oct 2017

Hi Marco,

I only added Affinity Designer to my toolbox because it is new, looks promising
and it is affordable. I use at work either Illustrator or Coral Draw, when required.

Art Text 3 is a nice addition to missing tools in Designer, hence why i showed it.

For missing auto tracing capabilities in Designer there is also Super Vectorizer,
for Mac users, available. http://www.svgvector.com/vectorize-image-mac.html

I always look for niche 2D/3D tools to avoid otherwise costly software... ;-)

Because i do mostly 3D stuff for my own usage i'm looking also for 1 page
layout solutions, so when needed i can combine those tools.

I'm currently exploring techniques which go from Photoshop to 3D Software,
so currently nothing to show here regarding vector stuff with MoI.

P.S. i could, of course, show some more cool 2D Tools which are working nicely
with MoI, but i don't want to derail your thread.

Best regards


From: mkdm [#30]
 18 Oct 2017

Hi Stefan.

Thanks for the reply!

For what I've read from your posts I guess that you are Mac user :)

I know that many very good GFX software are available for Mac/iOS.

Unfortunately my budget does not allow me to have both systems and because of my job I need a Windows machine,
so currently I have only two machines, one laptop and one more powerful desktop, both with Windows 10 pro.

@You : "...i could, of course, show some more cool 2D Tools which are working nicely with MoI, but i don't want to derail your thread..."

I think that it could be very interesting if you want to start another thread where we could talk about "2D workflows with Moi" in relation to any other kind
of 2D Vector software, both for Windows and mac.

Think about it and let me know!

Anyway, thanks to your previous post, some hours ago I reinstalled Serif DrawPlus X8 also on my desktop and now I can make some interesting
tutorial involving the great duo "Moi + Affinity Designer" with some "contamination" from DrawPlus, because it has some
very interesting tools that actually Designer is missing and that could be very useful for 2D workflow in Moi.

Stay tuned :)

Ciao e grazie! (in English : Bye and thanks!)


From: Metin Seven (METINSEVEN) [#31]
 19 Oct 2017

Buongiorno Marco, und Guten Morgen Stefan,

Interesting tips, thanks!

Stefan, regarding bitmap to vector conversion I'm a long-time Vector Magic user (the stand-alone application, not the online version), and I'm quite content with it. But I'll try the free trial version of Super Vectorizer.

Here's a link to Vector Magic: https://vectormagic.com . I have the feeling that its development has stalled for years now. The coder only seems to maintain compatibility with new OS versions.

Another tool I love to use is Photozoom Pro. It enlarges bitmaps in a smart, almost vector-like way. Photozoom Pro has saved my ass quite a few times when clients demanded a super high-res rendering that would have required many hours and would have caused RAM problems.

Here's the link to Photozoom Pro: http://www.benvista.com/photozoompro/

And another tip: XnConvert (free). I use it a lot for quick and easy batch conversions, like mass image size changes to lots of images at once.

XnConvert link: https://www.xnview.com/en/xnconvert/

Have a nice day!


From: Metin Seven (METINSEVEN) [#32]
 19 Oct 2017

Post Scriptum:

I've just checked out Super Vectorizer 2, and judging by my tests, Vector Magic's results are better. So if you don't know it yet, and if you need to vectorize images every once in a while, it's definitely worth checking out ( https://vectormagic.com ).


From: mkdm [#33]
 19 Oct 2017

Hi Metin!

@You : "...Interesting tips, thanks!..."

You're welcome! I really appreciate that this thread it's getting more and more interesting :)

@You : "...Stefan, regarding bitmap to vector conversion..."

Thanks a lot for these suggestion! I didn't know these tools and certainly I will give them a try soon. Thanks.

Meanwhile I'm thinking about some new short but useful (I hope) tutorials involving Moi and Designer.

A sort of some "tips and tricks tuts".

Anyway, just for information, some days ago Serif has released two new beta versions of the upcoming Photo and Designer : 1.6.x...

These are the urls to download :

Designer : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/47946-affinity-designer-customer-beta-16085/

Photo : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/47947-affinity-photo-customer-beta-16085/

Have a nice day.

We'll catch up.


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