Full Version: MoI on a ultra low spec baby laptop (GPD Pocket)

From: PaQ [#1]
 7 Oct 2017


Sorry for the bad video, my camera sucks :)
I was very surprised how well MoI is running on this little machine : Intel Atom x7-Z8750, 8Gb memory, 128Gb eMMC.
I mean, I was expecting having MoI running, but except the loading time, the navigation is very smooth, even with relatively complex model.
And of course MoI`s simple interface helps a lot here, because it`s a tiny 7inch screen.

So yes, it`s a really useless device, but that`s probably why I like it so much ... now I can even model in the crowed bus I`m taking everyday !

Thanks Michael !


From: Michael Gibson [#2]
 7 Oct 2017

Hi PaQ, what a funny little laptop - I want one too now! :)

That performance looks really good. Often times with something extra small like that they cut an awful lot of corners to make it less expensive, lower weight, lower battery use, etc... but with that one it looks like they haven't done that, 8GB ram and a quad core processor isn't bad at all! Seems like they want to enable some gaming on it.

And yeah you can actually use MoI's UI on something like that, you've probably seen how the side pane will automatically collapse other tabs when you open a new one.

It will be interesting to see how MoI v4 runs on it!

- Michael


From: Frenchy Pilou (PILOU) [#3]
 7 Oct 2017

Very small indeed!


From: PaQ [#4]
 7 Oct 2017

Hello guys,

Hi Michael,

I can`t wait to test V4, like everyone here I suppose :)
(just discovered MoI is touch screen ready Oo, ho boy !!!!) ... and yes the panel auto-collapsing is prefect for this kind of small display area !

As a side note, this device is for enthusiast only, you need to enjoy fighting with windows (services), bios tweaking, driver updates, etc.
It`s not a `microsoft surface` experience.

The construction is well done, but the keyboard quality is not great (some keys do really stupid sounds :)).
The screen is very small for windows desktop, and ultra reflective. (I would love if they can switch into a 8-9 inch for the next model).

The biggest problem is the heat from those atom cpu, and especially in this device. Idle temp is about 38° (and I`m lucky, because some unit seems to have temp problem even in idle). Pushing the cpu/gpu full speed (like in a game session), and you are over 65-70°, ... the battery is drained in 3 hours in that condition.

Netflix, or youtube video use a lot of cpu too (50% usage, so probably 4-5 hours of usage).

In the other hand, reading H264 video is fine. If you can use hardware decoding (VLC 3.0), you are good for 10+ hours of video.
And MoI is very kind for the battery usage too, I wouldn`t be surprised have 8+ hours with one charge while modeling in MoI.

Again, I love it. And as I want to be more familiar with Linux, it`s a really good candidate to install (and broke) a linux system.
Ubuntu is running ok, battery usage is much more higher than windows, the sound driver is not completely there yet, touch screen stop responding from time to time ... but there is lot`s of effort from the Linux community, so I hope 'they' will manage to fix it.


From: keith1961 [#5]
 10 Oct 2017

You make nice models!


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