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From: Marv (MSWRITES) [#1]
 30 Sep 2017

I'm trying to make this part 26x12x12mm with a 12mm half hole at the top. Each side is relieved 16mm half hole 3.1mm leaving 5.8mm ridge in the middle. I did it once but now can't remember how.

I cheated and extruded a 26x24x12 with a 12mm hole in the middle, Did the 16mm x 3.1mm relief on each side and cut it in half.

I sure would like to know how to do it the right way

The attachment is part of the part I'm having trouble with.

Any help would be appreciated.




From: Michael Gibson [#2]
 30 Sep 2017

Hi Marv, well there isn't just one right way to do things like this so your "cheating" method is fine.

You can do it with just one boolean though by using this method:

Start by making a solid block either by extruding a rectangle or using Draw solid > box to make your base solid:

Then to create your cutting object, draw a polyline like this in the front view and position it at the side of the block:

Now select that polyline and use Construct > Revolve:

Then one boolean difference should give you the end result you're looking for:

Or another possibility is to make 3 cylinders to use with 3 different boolean operations.

Hope this helps!

- Michael

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From: Marv (MSWRITES) [#3]
 30 Sep 2017

I like your way best as always!



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