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From: klaudio [#1]
 29 Sep 2017


Does anyone know if it is possible to somehow scale object while you are using Orient Tool. You can position it and then rotate as you want but as far as i
know it's not possible to scale the object while still have that interactivity of Orient Tool as you move object across another object.

I am using Obj Library and making some kitbash stuff and when you choose any object in Obj Library it imports and automatically enter and
set Orient Tool with that object to be placed on another. Often time saved object in ObjLibrary is not the right scale so the only way is to exit
the Orient Tool and scale it "manually" by using one of the Scale Tools.

I was wondering if there is a way to position, rotate AND scale while in Orient Tool or it's simply not possible?



From: bemfarmer [#2]
 29 Sep 2017

Hi klaudio,
Orient, Line/Line version, is a fantastic tool, which does do Scale, based upon where the two target points are chosen!
Plus it does Rotation/Orientation.

- Brian


From: klaudio [#3]
 29 Sep 2017

Thanks for quick reply, bemfarmer.

Yes, i agree with you about Line/Line version.

The thing is, though, ObjLibrary script use Orient Tool by default so i thought that Orient maybe has some hidden option
or someone knows maybe some workaround or something.


From: Michael Gibson [#4]
 29 Sep 2017

Hi klauio, I'm sorry no there isn't any way currently to do scaling built into the orient command. That's because the inputs used for orient aren't automatically also suitable for scaling without having to do extra steps.

You can do scaling in the line to line version of orient because the way it works has 2 lengths that can be used for the scale.

- Michael


From: klaudio [#5]
 29 Sep 2017

Hi Michael!

Thanks for the info and explanation. It's not that huge of a problem since currently i am using Scale Tool instead so it's not a dead end and i just
need to readjust workflow a bit. Line/Line is cool but somehow for this particular thing i just like Scale or Scale 1D.

It would be cool if possible for Orient to have something like scale mode too. Maybe kind of a similar like you can rotate where at first the object
aligns to base object as you drag on it but then when you click and choose one of the axis you can rotate the object. In a similar way
you could enter scale mode with those axis selected while still in Orient tool so you can scale object then go back and still drag object to align it
to base. > Suggestion for Moi v4.0 or later, if possible. ;)



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