Full Version: High Sierra maCOS 10.13

From: Michael Gibson [#21]
 4 Feb 2018

Hi Elfe,

> " ERROR ! cannot write to info.plist, there are permission problems or you are on a
> read-only volume. This cannot run from within a read-only dmg file "

This is due to a new security mechanism in recent OS versions that makes downloaded app bundles read only if they are run directly from the Downloads folder.

You can avoid it by moving the newly downloaded app into the /Applications folder instead of running it directly from Downloads.

MoI v4 without Wineskin won't need to modify its own info.plist file anymore so it won't happen anymore with v4.

> - Are there in V3.2 other improvement than the automated wineskin fix ? If not, then I'm fine
> with the V3.1 fixed with your instructions.

Nope, no other changes than that in v3.2 .

> I plan to upgrade from V3 to V4.
> Regarding price, will the V4 be cheaper for V3 owners as it was for V2 owners upgrading to V3 ?

It will be the same upgrade price as V2 to V3.

Thanks, - Michael


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