Full Version: WIP Starship cruiser still in progress

From: threedfanatic (3DFANATIC) [#17]
 31 Oct

Finally got some time to work a bit more on this opinions welcome. Anyway here is an update going to start to texture this thing might make some small tweaks during the process. Really liking this program and its power a bit of challenge learning this compared to the subd method, but more powerful specially when you don't have to deform an object. Take care

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buttom section with landing gear.jpg  closeup of engine.jpg  closeup of inner engine section.jpg  Newer Perspective1.jpg  ship with gunpods.jpg 


From: mkdm [#18]
 2 Nov


I see that you did some refinements on many areas!

Well done. Now it's very nice!

But, all depends on what kind of camera framing you want to use.

For example, if you have a shot where these things are very close to the camera, I think you should add some fillets or other type of refinement to the these red areas :

But, I repeat, all depends on what kind of camera framing you want to use.

Thanks for sharing.



From: threedfanatic (3DFANATIC) [#19]
 4 Nov

Thanks Marco I will see how I plan to use this and if I am going to be close up or not to make those decisions. Yes adding that details is always very nice in looks but gets very expensive in added polys and increasing render times. But like you said if this is going to be in the frame and close up it is worth adding in that detail. Thanks for the detailed feedback appreciate another opinion other than my own. Have a great night


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