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From: schneich [#1]
 15 Oct 2015

hi folks,

since iam doing a lot of 3d stuff lately, iam working on my moi3d skills again :-P.
i remember that andrej samradac made a lo of prety useful Video tutorials on moi.
only when i tried to find them i discovered that they had been deleted, or at least are no longer public.
i also read read about the flaming that has been going on, and i dont want to get into that too much, lets just say creative people are sometimes lika an itlaian "Primadonna" ;-)

i post this, because i want to ask andrej, to put up his videos again for everyone because they were very good and helpful...

it would be nice if there are other users who miss them too would write a little something in here...

cheers from cologne


From: Ken (OKURO) [#2]
 15 Oct 2015

have you checked his site ?:

best wishes !

From: Mike (MGG942) [#3]
 15 Oct 2015

I, too, hope that Andrei will return in due course having understood that any alternative views or different ideas from his own that are expressed on the Forum are NOT personal attacks on him.

He is clearly a talented man and generous with his ideas and techniques.

However I'll always vote for peace, harmony and respect.


From: schneich [#4]
 15 Oct 2015

"have you checked his site ?:

look deeper...

From: TpwUK [#5]
 15 Oct 2015


He seems to have removed the majority of ones that were MoI based ... Such a shame really because as others have said, he is talented ...


From: ArianDesign (ARIANSHAMIL) [#6]
 16 Oct 2015

I think it is really a pity that Andrei removed his tutorials....they were very useful...I mean...i watched them a lot of time.
I hope he will put them online again....they were a resource for all of us i think.

From: BurrMan [#7]
 16 Oct 2015

I have a youtube channel loaded thats dedicated to another forum where i had helped some for a few years. It is a fairly foul forum with next to zero integrity and respect for the users. I had made the decision to leave the channel open, as anything else only would be selfish, bitter and reflect on me. Although i never monetized the videos either. I still get notes of thanks now and again that something up there has helped someone who genuinely needed it.

From: chippwalters [#8]
 16 Oct 2015

Hi Burrman,

I subscribed to your YouTube channel a long time ago. Very informative! Thanks for sharing. :-)

From: BurrMan [#9]
 16 Oct 2015

Hey chippw,
Probably the one thats more attached to "this" forum.... not really tutes. I thought about tutes, but i dont think i would do those well. Its kindof a place more for visual interaction.

Thanks though.....

From: schneich [#10]
 17 Oct 2015

dear burrman and chip Walters,

in my eyes both of are moi legends, and your tut's are a huge Inspiration for me...




From: bisenberger [#11]
 18 Oct 2015

Really appreciated his contributions. To bad folks aren't more tolerant.

From: Andrei Samardac [#12]
 22 Nov 2015

Hi, looks like I'm not using MoI any more but I have the biggest collection of tutorials that I made during my MoI experience.
It consists of 76 videos and have about 15 GB of HD video.
It consists only of creative side of MoI like LOFT Organic Method, Advanced Techniques, Tips and Tricks and many more.
A lot of them you could see on youtube when they were available for public view. A lot of videos had more than 1000 views.

I spend so many time to create all of them so I decided sell them all.
So the library will costs 55 EUR. I'm selling only rights to watch this tutorials without uploading them to the internet or any kind of sharing.
If you wish to buy send me transfer via PayPall (55 EUR) using this link: https://www.paypal.me/Samardac

Library content:

Samardac MOI 3D Tutorials (76 videos)

-LOFT, Organic Method
-Macking of Diffrent stuff
-Tips and Tricks
-Samardac Bridges


LOFT, Organic Method
Basics of Samardac method
Bigfoot Tires, LOFT
Loft replace tools -02
Loft replace tools-01
Loft replace tools-03
Loft replace tools-04
Loft replace tools-05
LOFT SCAN. Recreating objects
Loft vs Blend!
LOFT vs Blend
LOFT vs Extrude, Sweep, Network, Revolve and R...
Loft vs Revolve
Making Chees
Making pipes (LOFT)
Organic method for MOI 3D by A. Samardac [part...
Organic method for MOI 3D by A. Samardac [part...
Organic method for MOI 3D by A. Samardac [part...
Organic method for MOI 3D by A. Samardac [part...
Organic shapes, Loft(1)
Organic shapes, LOFT
Power of loft 2
Power of LOFT 3
Ship Hull, Moi 3d

Macking of Diffrent stuff
Making sci-fi weels
Advanced Technique(Sci-Fi Station)
Car rim, Turbine - style
Macking curtain, Using Distort Curve script
Making Boat
Making candy, Using Distort Curve script
Making Chain
Making spaceship engine
Making Vimpel (details)
Making wires
MultiIso and DistortCurves scripts to make tre...
Wrapped wires_tubes

Macking of Helicopter WZ-10
WZ-10 Modelling [Part 1]
WZ-10 Modelling [Part 2]
WZ-10 Modelling [Part 3]
WZ-10 Modelling [Part 4]
WZ-10 Modelling [Part 5]
WZ-10 Modelling [Part 6]
WZ-10 Modelling [Part 7]
WZ-10 Modelling [Part 8]

Macking of Mech
Modeling Mech [part 1]
Modeling Mech [part 2]
Modeling Mech [part 3]

Tips and Tricks
3D Coat - Workflow
CPlane Manager
Cutting angles on curved surfaces
Manage Objects and Groups
Moi 3D, Tips and Tricks 2, ADVANCED SWEEP, LOF...
Save CPanes
Some triks
Tips and Tricks
Tubes Union MOI 3D
Using custom UI, Librery

Advanced Surface Manipulation - Blend
Fixing Blend problem
Tips and Tricks 1, Blend

Collapsing fillet ( disappearing fillet)
Tips and Tricks 4, disappearing fillet
Variable fillet

FLOW - Complite guide!
Flow Tricks
Unwarp objects using FLOW

Samardac Bridges
From MOI to Nvil and Back!!!
MKS, MoI to Keyshot Plugin
MOI 3D_Nvil, some demonstration
Nvil to MOI
Samardac Bridges - MoI
Samardac Bridges - NVil
Samardac Bridges 1.0(beta)

Andrei Samardac (c) 2015, samardac@gmail.com

From: wastzzz [#13]
 22 Nov 2015

So what are you using now? What does your job consist of?

From: Finema [#14]
 22 Nov 2015

making money ?

From: Andrei Samardac [#15]
 22 Nov 2015

Looks like I finish with 3D at all, have no passion anymore about it. My be it will back sometime but now my job is music, how it was for edges before I started to make 3D :)

From: chippwalters [#16]
 23 Nov 2015

Are you selling the videos and their rights or only access to the videos? IOW, if someone were to purchase them could they do anything they please with them, including post them to YouTube?

From: Karsten (KMRQUS) [#17]
 23 Nov 2015

Hello Andrei,

thank You for all the interesting contributions. I wish You success and a lot of fun with your new/old Job!

Kind regards

From: Andrei Samardac [#18]
 23 Nov 2015

I'm selling only rights to watch this tutorials without any uploading them to the internet or any kind of sharing.
Thanks, I just corrected the main post. Never sell something like this before so I did not think about this aspect.
I did not going to sell them at all, but one person send me email and asked me to sell him my tutorials, so I prepared this library, and thought why not to sell it to the others. May be somebody will also wanted to to know something about my experience.

From: Andrei Samardac [#19]
 23 Nov 2015

Thank you, it was pleasure for me to dig in to all that creative nuances of MoI :)

From: Metin Seven (METINSEVEN) [#20]
 19 Sep 2016

Hey guys,

After a trip of several months to the world of ZBrush, I felt the need to catch up on my MoI knowledge. After reading about Andrei's tutorial pack, I decided to buy it, and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn (more about) MoI. There's enough footage to keep you glued to the screen for quite a while.

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