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Full Version: Voxel for Print 3D (3dm export)

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From: Del
11 Jul 2015   [#17]

Hi all,

Can anybody help me please. I am a new user. I have a stl format file. I need to import it to Monolith (vol format). How can I do that? I found Rhino and Grosshopper useful in converting stl to vol format, but the problem is grosshopper as I do not know how I can import stl to Grasshopper. Can you please guide me how can I convert stl to vol step by step. Thank you very much guys.

From: bemfarmer
12 Jul 2015   [#18] In reply to [#17]
Google searching yields a morass of information.

Cannot the STL be imported into Rhino with _Import?

- Brian

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