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Full Version: Voxel for Print 3D (3dm export)

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From: Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
17 Feb 2015   [#16]
<< Did you find any info about the grasshopper version of this plugin ?

Import/Export Voxel Files (.vol)

Volume files (extension .vol) contain relevant information about the voxel configuration (ie. resolution, number of channels, etc.) and the density values attributed to each location in space. Volume files can be imported or exported to/from the stand-alone Monolith application. In addition, volume files can be used in 3rd party applications, such as the Rhino and Grasshopperâ„¢ CAD environments.

"""The Monolith plugin for Grasshopper (which is included with the installer) provides features for importing, exporting, and modifying voxel files."""

In fact it's more just volumes or thickness faces who are exported and not Profils and Paths that i had writed previous! :)
From: Del
12 Jul 2015   [#17]

Hi all,

Can anybody help me please. I am a new user. I have a stl format file. I need to import it to Monolith (vol format). How can I do that? I found Rhino and Grosshopper useful in converting stl to vol format, but the problem is grosshopper as I do not know how I can import stl to Grasshopper. Can you please guide me how can I convert stl to vol step by step. Thank you very much guys.

From: bemfarmer
12 Jul 2015   [#18] In reply to [#17]
Google searching yields a morass of information.

Cannot the STL be imported into Rhino with _Import?

- Brian

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