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Full Version: FN SCAR mk17

From: Sonk (SON_KIM)
29 May 2012   [#1]
Been working on this for the past few days, it's about 50% done.

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From: bigseb
29 May 2012   [#2] In reply to [#1]
WOW! :o

Looking awesome so far!
From: Rich_Art
29 May 2012   [#3] In reply to [#1]
yeah looks really great...

Rich_Art. ;-)
29 May 2012   [#4]
Now that's some detail... Good job SonK!!!
From: Michael Gibson
29 May 2012   [#5] In reply to [#1]
Wow, great detail, Son - looking forward to seeing the final !

- Michael
From: Ditto
29 May 2012   [#6]
Not bad, not bad.

But why killing machines, who not love-making machines? ;) Huah, this forum will soon be X-rated :-O

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From: Sonk (SON_KIM)
11 Jun 2012   [#8] In reply to [#6]
:) I like all kinds of hard surface models - this gun is part of a boarder work for my demoreel. . Well I did finish modeling the SCAR - off to shade/texture/light it. This is going to be baked into a low res mesh(it is a game asset). The flow command was used to get the triangle things onto the buttstock.

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EOTech.jpg  SCAR_sides.jpg 

From: PaQ
22 Jun 2012   [#9]
Hi Sonk,

That's really hot ... I've build the same game model few months ago in sub-d. I was about to use MoI, but I give up because none of my co-workers here are using nurbs, so it's a bit tricky when other guys need to tweak the model for various reasons.

Can you give me the average time you take to build the MoI model ?
From: Sonk (SON_KIM)
3 Jun 2013   [#10] In reply to [#9]

I think about 3 weeks is accurate guess for weapons. Sorry for the super late reply....

If anyone is interested you can grab(pun intended) my SCAR at grabcab.

edit: if your a modo user you can grab it from the share site:

From: danperk (SBEECH)
4 Jun 2013   [#11]
Nice work Son Kim!

My weapon of choice in BF3. ;)
From: PaQ
4 Jun 2013   [#12]
Thanks for sharing !!!