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From: futagoza (STEFAN) [#141]
 8 Nov

That's what i was looking for. Thanks a lot Marco, for your help!

Best regards


From: mkdm [#142]
 8 Nov

You're welcome Stefan.

But anyway...pay attention to the fact that, that method, requires a certain amount of manual tweaking in some situation.

Anyway...better than nothing :)



From: mkdm [#143]
 16 Nov

Hi James.

I write here to reply to your kind message at (http://moi3d.com/forum/index.php?webtag=MOI&msg=6925.353)
because I don't want to saturate the "V4 Wish List" thread with off topic arguments :)

First of all I thank you very much for sharing your personal experience and your opinion.
This helped me a lot!!

Believe me....this situation was driving me crazy!!!

@You : "...When I first used it I found the haptic feedback to be quite unnatural....rather just accept it is as it is...."


I've spent last two hours checking every single millimeters of this fucking iPad Pro's screen.
It is perfect in all aspects for what I can check with my eyes and my fingers.

So I decided to make a test more or less with the same method when I have to deal with software debugging :)

1) First I've cleaned up very well the entire surface of the iPad's screen with a good quality microfiber cloth.
2) Then, without touching with my left hand or fingers the screen, and with the right hand "armed" with a cotton glove,
I started to draw strokes with the pencil on every single centimeter of the screen (for this test I have left the screen "off" so it was totally black).
3) The stokes was good, rather smooth, without any humps/scratchy, tacky/draggy

Then I repeated the test in this way :

1) before start drawing I touched the screen in some areas with my left fingers to simulate pinch/zoom/pan
In this way that areas was "contaminated" by the natural "oil's skin"
2) I make some strokes starting from "clean" areaa through the "oily" areas and, in that zones, the Pencil was not fluid or smooth
as it was in clean zones. It feels humps/scratchy, tacky/draggy
3) I cleaned up those "olily" zones and the Pencil returned to be smooth.

So, also in the light of your suggestions, these are my actual considerations :

1) I had always been accustomed to classic Wacom tablets (not interactive display) like for example the superb Intuos Pro.
That drawing tablets have an excellent paper-like feel without any "fingerprint" or "oily" issues.

2) My experience of "drawing on glass" is very limited because sporadically I only made some little painting works on my "Lenovo P2" (Android smartphone)
with an "Adonit Mark" pencil that have a "mesh tip"
And my smartphone has a Gorilla Glass, so it's pretty different from the iPad's glass.

3) Nobody, in any of the dozens fucking forums that I read, nobody, talked about this "fingerprint" problem with the iPad's screen and Apple Pencil!!

OK. My very first temptation was to throw the iPad through the window (but it's very costly) :) :)


I understand that I have to change the way my "brain" feels this drawing experience on glass, and the iPad Pro 12.9 is a wanderful machine,
but I really hope that I will not be forced to clean up over and over the screen, because the Pencil on "oily" zones feels really bad for me.

Or maybe I will be forced to use an additional glove also for my left hand.
Some sort of glove that will prevent the screen from "smudging" and "oil" but keeping intact the "multitouch" capabilities.

I have to investigate.

Fortunately for my "mental health" I have better things to do because of my software developing daily job :)

Anyway...thank you very much again for your suggestion and have a nice day!


Marco (mkdm)


From: ycarry [#144]
 16 Nov

Marco, you (and your iPad pro) need a trick : https://getpaperlike.com/
and remember to gently wipe the screen or you will damage the protection coating…


From: mkdm [#145]
 16 Nov

Hi ycarry.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

Above all for this : "...and remember to gently wipe the screen..."

Regarding the first suggestion (the paperlike),
I first want to practicing with this new
"plastic on glass" drawing experience,
in order to change the way my brain deal with this
new situation.

If I will get too many trouble then I will try to use
a glove also for the left hand in order to
minimize the fingerprint and smudges,
and only if all things go wrong, I will get a product like "paperlike".

I need practice :)

Thanks again for your help.



From: James (JFH) [#146]
 16 Nov

Hi Marco,

Have you had a play with free version of Shapr3d?
Make sure you sign up for v3beta:


It is notably different to its predecessor.

Have fun!


From: mkdm [#147]
 16 Nov

Hi James.

I have the iPad only for 36 hours but...yes, I downloaded also Shapr3D,
although I only had the time for a very quick tour.
But anyway I will for sure sign up for the beta.
Thanks for the tip!

Currently l’m learning the foundation of iOs 11 and familiarize myself with the Pencil on this kind of screen :)

Clearily, given that I bought this device mainly for digital painting, first of all I purchased two of the
best graphic Apps actually available for iOS,that is Affinity Photo and the amazing Procreate.
Ah....and also Pixelmator!

I’m hoping to get used to this pencil-on-glass feel (and pencil on oily zones), because this device is really “Pro” under many many aspects!!



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