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Full Version: Moi3d dfx export issues

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From: Matadem
27 Sep 2022   [#8]
Good day.
It seems when drawing in 1200mmx2400mm Moi will export and import in sheetcam just fine.

but not when drawing in cm. 120cmx240cm

Attached the file drawn in cm and a pic how small it turned out in sheetcam
the red square would be the material with a size of 48"x96"

and a pic of one drawn in mm attached as well.

Thank you!

export in cm.3dm

Image Attachments:
import in cm.jpg  import in mm.jpg 

From: Michael Gibson
27 Sep 2022   [#9] In reply to [#8]
Hi Matadem, thanks for posting the file.

It sounds like you have found the solution - for export into Sheetcam you should set your units in Moi to mm before you make your DXF export.

When MoI writes out a .dxf file, it does set a property in the .dxf file called $INSUNITS which many programs will look at to know what unit system the DXF file should be processed as. You may want to contact Sheetcam tech support and ask them to also look at that $INSUNITS setting in the .dxf file so they could handle importing a DXF file with cm units set in it.

Another option is that it looks like Sheetcam has a "custom" setting for how to process the units in the DXF file. If you have generated a DXF file that is in centimeters you can probably use the "custom" setting in Sheetcam with the right scale factor put in to make it load in ok. Sheetcam tech support can probably tell you what scale factor you will need to do it that way.

- Michael

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