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Full Version: Blending curves vs surfaces

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From: Michael Gibson
19 Sep 2022   [#6] In reply to [#3]
Hi iv_one,

> I assume if I apply a G2 blend to the profile curves and then extrude, MoI will essentially
> produce a surface with G2 continuity (in this particular example).

Yes for this particular example that's true, because both of the surfaces being blended are also each extrusions and curves that are all in the same plane and extruded in the same direction will result in surfaces that have the same continuity between them as the planar generator curves.

> I am curious is blend curve + network approach is also eligible for making continuous patches?

In the general case, no - Network in MoI does not ensure that the generated surface will have continuity to separate neighboring patches.

It's usually better to build surfaces that you want to be continuous out of larger surface pieces and not try to build them in a "patch by patch" fill in type approach.

If you need to build things in that type of manner you might try doing it as a SubD model instead. One of the main properties of SubD smoothing is that it generates a continuous smooth surface from the control mesh and the control mesh does not have to be a completely regular row and column grid of points as is needed for NURBS surfaces.

- Michael
From: iv_one
20 Sep 2022   [#7] In reply to [#6]
Hi Michael,

Thank you for the explanation and the recommendations.
From: iv_one
21 Sep 2022   [#8] In reply to [#4]
Hi tuananhnp,

What software/plugin did you use to check the surface continuity on your last screenshot?

From: tuananhnp
23 Sep 2022   [#9] In reply to [#8]
Hi, I used Rhino’s zebra fuction.

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