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Full Version: (OFF TOPIC?) Contact email on site not working

From: ioVideoMaker
19 Sep   [#1]
Not exactly related to 3D modeling but I'm using the trial, wanted to get in touch for some cooperation with my yt channel, I tried to send an email to and I got this warning

Consegna non completata
Si è verificato un problema temporaneo durante la consegna del messaggio a Gmail tenterà di inviarlo nuovamente per altre 20 ore. Ti avviseremo nel caso in cui sia impossibile completare la consegna.

(By Google Translator)
Delivery not completed
There was a temporary problem while delivering the message to Gmail will try to resend it for another 20 hours. We will notify you if it is impossible to complete the delivery.

...and this answer was from the remote server:
451 4.7.1 Received too many messages from a new or untrusted IP: (Z27/634AEA2) (G28)

The weird thing is the untrusted IP part... being Gmail!

sorry for posting here, but being the email not working, didn't know what else to do

Marco - ioVideoMaker
From: Michael Gibson
19 Sep   [#2] In reply to [#1]
Hi Marco, you can send me a private message here on the discussion forum if the e-mail doesn't go through.

Tomorrow I'll try to ask the company that hosts my e-mail (Rackspace) about what might be going on.

Thanks, - Michael
From: Michael Gibson
19 Sep   [#3] In reply to [#1]
Also I sent you an e-mail just now maybe that will stop it from being blocked.

- Michael
From: Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
19 Sep   [#4]
Curious that was working for me yesterday!
From: ioVideoMaker
19 Sep   [#5] In reply to [#2]
Hi Michael, thanks!
I'm getting more and more in love with MoI
Everything I'm doing has the goal of creating new companies where, leveraging good sentiments, people are happy
...and I keep seeing good sentiments, here!
From: ioVideoMaker
19 Sep   [#6] In reply to [#4]
...true, being the last message just from yesterday!
would it be Gmail using less-safe servers for Italy? weird...
(not my field, so I could be horribly wrong here)