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Full Version: What mesh export is better for general public/usecase?

From: Nikita3D
17 Sep   [#1]

I am pretty new to topology/game assets/topology and all that stuff.
I have modeled this sci-fi building and some others and I would like to sell them. Now I have 2 options how I will export them. The option with n-gons or the option with only tris/quads.
And I am asking myself what is better for the general use case.

When I import the model into CInema4D the option with only quads/tris looks horrible so I can't imagine that anyone wants to work further with it (texture, making selections etc...). But the option with the n-gons topology looks pretty clean. But I read that game engines etc only use triangles so I don't know if that's a good fit to export it with n-gons.

What would be the better approach for that kind of sci-fi modeling stuff, which won't be animated, deformed or similar.

Thank you in advance

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From: tuananhnp
17 Sep   [#2]
Exported OBJs with N-gons output from MoI do look attractive and organized, but some programs (like renderers) hate n-gons. Maybe they cannot deal with t-splines.
Btw I've always wondering if MoI would support exporting OBJs with "Quads only" output in the future? Or maybe quad-remeshing with third-party softwares/plugins is the only way, rather than manual retopology?
From: Michael Gibson
17 Sep   [#3] In reply to [#1]
Hi Nikita, yes it's probably a good idea to have 2 different versions included since there are some programs and workflows that don't work well with n-gons. But when you can use them they are very nice because your wireframe looks like the original CAD model.

- Michael
From: Michael Gibson
17 Sep   [#4] In reply to [#2]
Hi tuananhnp,

> Btw I've always wondering if MoI would support exporting OBJs with "Quads only" output in the future?

I would like to work on that in the future but it is not something like a tweak to the current mesher, it will need a totally different meshing process.

- Michael
From: tuananhnp
17 Sep   [#5] In reply to [#4]
That’s so great! Thanks, Michael.
From: Nikita3D
18 Sep   [#6] In reply to [#3]
Okay thank you.

Yeah I heard that game engines only use triangles and that it is better to triangulate it directly from the beginning so no problems arise later in the game engines.

But still, I will use both versions so people can use what fits best for them.