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Full Version: V4 released! (Sticky)

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From: Michael Gibson
28 Dec 2020   [#1]
I'm still in the process of updating web pages and such but the V4 release version is now available!

V4 full or upgrade licenses can be purchased now at .

Get the upgrade version if you already own any previous version.

If you've ordered MoI v3 (any version) after Aug 1, 2018 you can get a free v4 upgrade here: .

EDU discount versions are ordered through resellers and that probably won't get going for new purchases until after the holidays.

Trial versions aren't ready quite yet but that's next up.

There is a collection of all the V4 beta release notes at: - that's a pretty detailed list of all the new stuff over the entire V4 beta cycle. I will be making a simplified "what's new" along with other web site updates pretty soon.

V4 has been in development for almost 6 years so this is a major milestone.

Thanks! - Michael
From: nameless
28 Dec 2020   [#2]
Congrats for this release Michael! Super excited to try this one out.

Thank you for all the hard work on support and the awesome software development and if we do not speak in the meantime, Happy 2021! <3
From: Finema
28 Dec 2020   [#3] In reply to [#2]
Great !
Updated !
Thanks Michael.
From: MFort
28 Dec 2020   [#4]
Congrats Michael! I've been lurking around here for a long time, glad to see MOI still going strong, I've grabbed my copy!!!
From: Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
28 Dec 2020   [#5]
Waiting the What news in V4 resumed with serenity! :)
From: wireframeX
28 Dec 2020   [#6]

Well done :)

Just purchased !
From: MarkBTomlinson
28 Dec 2020   [#7]
Congratulations on reaching the release, thanks for all you dedication and hard work Michael.
From: PaQ
28 Dec 2020   [#8]
Congrats Michael !
From: Dvarkholm
28 Dec 2020   [#9] In reply to [#1]
Congrats Michael and Happy new Year.
28 Dec 2020   [#10] In reply to [#1]
Where can you download 4 after you've paid for it - say you want to put it on your work computer in addition to your home computer?
From: christian (CHRI)
28 Dec 2020   [#11] In reply to [#10]
Where can you download 4 after you've paid for it - say you want to put it on your work computer in addition to your home computer?


I think you can here


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From: shane (SHANE_W)
28 Dec 2020   [#12]
Thanks Michael and great work!
From: Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
28 Dec 2020   [#13]
No need to return on the Net : install again with your own first install file downloaded (that you can put on an USB key) and serial key! ;)

As you can install any number of Versions of Moi on any computers you want with one licence
you have your own Serial number!

But careful : you can only run one version at the same time even your 2 computers are in the same room!

But you can run any number sessions of Moi on the same computer following your hard memory available! ;)
From: Marc (TELLIER)
28 Dec 2020   [#14]
A new year's gift, congratulations on this milestone !

Quite the achievement, the most productive and well designed geometric software available.
Just one person, there must be a lesson there. :)

From: rolnxyz
28 Dec 2020   [#15]
Congratulations Michael! This is exciting! Great end of the year present
From: Michael Gibson
28 Dec 2020   [#16]
Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support I really appreciate it! :)

Happy New Year!

- Michael
From: WillBellJr
28 Dec 2020   [#17] In reply to [#16]
PROPS Michael on the release of v4!!

From: fcwilt
28 Dec 2020   [#18]
6 Years? That is a major effort.

Upgrade complete and installed.

Thanks much.

Take some time off.

From: cadwax
29 Dec 2020   [#19]
Congratulations Michael,

If anyone in the UK needs a license please feel free to contact me directly or purchase from our website.

tel: 07522 566360

Official UK Resellers for Moi3d
From: dfroster
29 Dec 2020   [#20] In reply to [#1]
I just want to thank Michael and the forum users for making MOI a great place for learning and help. The release of v4 has been worth the wait, and I look forward to future releases!

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