any plans for 3ds suport?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Yannada, thanks!

In the thread title, you wrote: "any plans for 3ds support" - you mean 3ds file format support? That is actually already included, just do SaveAs and pick "3DS" from the file type list (or just type your file name with the ".3ds" part included at the end of it).

But .3ds is a really old file format, it has several limitations, like only 65535 vertices or polygons per mesh, only triangle polygons instead of n-gons, no vertex normals for smoother shading... So when possible try using the OBJ instead.

Or did you mean support for 3dsmax the program, not the 3ds file format?

I've just been helping someone today with exporting to 3ds max. For this, use the OBJ format, make sure to expand the meshing options and turn off "weld vertices along edges" (this part is important due to limitations in 3ds max), and also switch Output: to "Quads & Triangles".

Then in Max's OBJ importer, under the "Geometry options", make sure "Normals" is checked, and uncheck "Unify".

That should do a good transfer into 3dsmax.

Hope this helps!

- Michael