Sharp corners in curve?!

 From:  Lemo (LEMONNADO)
Thanks again for the pointers. Now I ran into a different problem. The traced path worked out great now. Real well I might say!!!
Now.... the only challenge is to loft a small bump along the two rails I made. It's a 'WWS' like shape with straight and curved curve parts. SO there is a fair amount of 'up and down' going on.
The problem is that the poor loft algorithm creates a mesh which is not really following the curve. Mostly it does, but then, in areas with low point density, it meshes out and reaches across the curve borders. I tried to get that done in Rhino and could use 'SLASH' to cage the segments into a more meaningful mesh but that also yielded a lot of shading problems and thus is pretty useless as well. Man, this 'little' task seems to start and digest myself. I try and get a middle curve and simply extrude a circle along it and see what happens.... Uggly... all very uggly hahaha.