Sharp corners in curve?!

 From:  Michael Gibson
996.4 In reply to 996.3 
Hi Rainer, no problem. For version 2 I would like to improve some of these things to make them a little more familiar to 2D illustrators.

Like right now if you want to convert a "smooth" control point into a corner one, you have to actually insert a new corner point and delete the old smooth one. For version 2 I think that I'd like to put some kind of UI that shows up when you select a point, to let you switch it between "corner" and "smooth".

> The 'Make Corner Point' is there for that special case where the next point is a 'straight' target.

Yup, basically it will end the current smooth segment that you are drawing and start a new segment coming off of that corner point. It is the same thing as if you ended the curve there, and then drew a new curve with the start of the new curve snapped on to that same point and then joined the new curve to the old one.

You can use Edit/Separate to break the combined curve into individual segments later on if you need to.

That same option (which holding down Ctrl and clicking is a shortcut for) also works with Add point as well as the curve drawing commands, if you want the new added point to be a sharp point when you move it around later instead of a smooth curve control point.

Let me know if you get stuck on anything else, it is actually really good feedback for me to hear what things don't quite click immediately, it can help give me ideas on how to simplify and streamline stuff in the future.

- Michael