Sharp corners in curve?!

 From:  Michael Gibson
996.2 In reply to 996.1 
Hi Rainer,

> I am missing something like 'Bezier Handles' which I can bend and stretch
> independently from the right or left tangent.

Select your joined curve, and then use Edit / Show pts to make handles visible to adjust.

The start or end tangent of a segment is defined by the first two or last two points.

So to make the start and end tangent defined independent from one another, you need to have a segment with at least 4 points in it - use Edit / Add pt to add points if you only have 2 or 3 points currently in the segment to get more freedom to adjust it.

If you're still having any difficulty with this, could you please post an example model or screenshot that shows what you're trying to do?

> Like a 'ctrl' click when I do not wish the knot interpolated. Am I missing something?!

You should be able to use Ctrl+click to do this in either the Draw curve / Freeform / Control points or Through points commands. You can either use Ctrl or you can also click the "Make corner point" checkbox that shows up in the upper-right corner of the window where various command options are shown.

If Ctrl+click is not working for you, could you please describe what you're doing in a little bit more detail?

- Michael