Sharp corners in curve?!

 From:  Michael Gibson
996.11 In reply to 996.9 
Hi Rainer, the other thing for curve point manipulation that is kind of hidden is the "drag point on curve mode", this allows you to position several nearby points by clicking and pulling directly on an unselected curve that has control points turned on. You may be interested in this as well, there is some more info here:

> However, a smarter algorithm to sweep between two rails would be fantastic.
> I can see that this is a rather difficult endeavor as it requires a lot of
> intelligence in the algorithm.

Yeah, it is a kind of tough area.

However, I do have some experimental code which is currently disabled, that basically tries to do a similar thing as Rhino's "add slash" but doing it automatically by finding shared perpendiculars between the 2 rails and using those as alignment points.

It actually worked pretty well in many cases like you are showing there, but it could also get confused sometimes. It needs a bit more work before it is finished so I pushed it off to v2.

But if you want to post the .3dm file with those curves, I could enable it and give it a try to see if it would have processed your sweep better.

One last FYI - it can be handy to bring stuff between MoI and Rhino for different types of processing. I just wanted to make sure you knew that you can just use copy and paste between MoI and Rhino to transfer objects back and forth really quickly, you don't need to even save to a file. When pasting from MoI into Rhino, make sure to leave MoI running while you do the paste.

- Michael