Construction line question?

 From:  Paul (AIRGLASS)
Hi Michael,
A question about construction lines -- is it possible to make the temporary construction lines persistent, meaning they'll stay on the display until the user decides to delete them? I was looking thru the .idl file you posted last spring and don't see anything, so I suspect not. (I really like the way your construction lines operate, especially the mousedown, mouseup dragging aspect, but I occasionally find myself wishing I could keep the lines I've drawn).
Anyway, if not, I was thinking about rolling my own in a script. Are there any properties that are accessible, like line.color or line.type, that would allow me to make lines that are visually different from regular lines?
I was thinking along the lines of hit a key, draw construction lines, hit done to go back to regular operation, and then when I want to delete them, run the script with a parameter to remove the object list? the lines would be stuck in, hopefully deleting them in one shot.
At any rate, it looks like a nice weekend outside, time to get away from the computer for a few hours!