Automating conversion of IGES files to OBJ files

 From:  Michael Gibson
987.6 In reply to 987.5 
Hi Al, it seems to be working well - I've added the ability to take a script file name as a command line parameter to MoI.exe like you were asking. It will also be possible to control the various meshing parameters, and I've added stuff for suppressing various UI bits like the mesh dialog or the "save changes" prompt when closing down MoI.

This will require a new patch to update moi_lib.dll for it to work - there are a couple of other things that I want to try to add before posting the new patch so it may be a couple of days or something before that is all ready, I will post more details when it is ready.

I have also been thinking about doing an automatic Join operation on all the surfaces that are imported from an IGES file - do you think that would be a good idea?

- Michael